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The STSW-TLSpack is an SSL/TLS evaluation package for the SPWF01SC and SPWF01SA Wi-Fi modules. The package is intended to be used in conjunction with ST application note AN4683: “Transport layer security protocol for SPWFxxx module”, which describes the SSL/TLS security protocols provided by the SPWF01Sxxx Wi-Fi modules.

The following five examples are available in the package:

Example 1: TLS client with mutual authentication.

This first example shows how to open a secure socket between the module and a PC, with openSSL library installed, acting as a secure server. In this example, the TLS connection is performed with mutual authentication.

Example 2: TLS client with one-way authentication.

This second example is similar to the previous one but a TLS secure connection is performed by one-way authentication.

Example 3: Gmail SMTP server access with anonymous negotiation.

This third example shows how to securely access the Gmail SMTP server using TLS.

Example 4: Xively example with anonymous negotiation.

This fourth example shows how to connect the Wi-Fi module to the Xively platform, adopting the TLS security protocol.

Example 5: connect to HTTPS

This example shows how to use the Wi-Fi module as a TLS client to connect to a secure HTTPS server and to send/receive HTTP requests/replies.

  • All features

    • The STSW-TLSpack is a zip format package including certificates and configuration files which allow the user to create a secure connection over TCP/IP protocol between the Wi-Fi module SPWF01Sxxx and a remote server exposing secured services
    • Five examples are included in this package to provide different use cases where a TLS secure connection is requested
    • These examples are available in five folders including certificates and private keys where needed, and related AT commands for the SPWF01Sxxx Wi-Fi module configuration

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