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STM32H7 performance software expansion for STM32Cube (AN4891)

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Product overview


The X-CUBE-PERF-H7 Expansion Package aims to demonstrate the performance of the STM32H74x and STM32H75x architecture with its Cortex®-M7 able to run at up to 480 MHz, and its instruction and data caches that unleash core performance with 0-wait-state-like execution from different memories, either internal or external, scattered across different domains (D1, D2, and D3) and accessed by the core either through the TCM buses or the AXIM bus. The Expansion Package is provided with several project configurations for the STM32H743I-EVAL Evaluation board. Each project allows the execution of application code and data storage in different memory locations such as internal memories as well as external memories located in different domains (D1, D2 and D3). Firmware results demonstrate that performance is almost the same when internal memories or external memories or different domains are used for code execution or data storage. An FFT use case (provided by the CMSIS library) is proposed as an example with several toolchains: Keil® (MDK-ARM), IAR™ (EWARM), and System Workbench (SW4STM32). It can be ported easily to any other toolchain and any STM32H7xx single-core device.
  • All features

    • STM32H74x and STM32H75x performance demonstrator
    • Code execution and data storage in different memory locations
    • Cortex®-M7
    • Instruction cache (I-Cache)
    • Data cache (D-Cache)
    • D1, D2, and D3 domains
    • AXI and AHB bus matrices

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