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Demonstration firmware for PWM resolution enhancement through dithering technique software expansion for STM32Cube (AN4507)

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Product overview


X-CUBE-PWM-DITHR is an STM32 Cube embedded software expansion package. It provides a demonstration firmware for implementing the PWM resolution enhancement technique for the STM32 general-purpose timers.

For more details, please refer to the application note PWM resolution enhancement through a dithering technique for STM32 advanced-configuration, general-purpose and lite timers (AN4507).

  • All features

    • Provides a reference implementation of the PWM resolution enhancement technique as described by the AN4507 application note document
    • Demonstrates the boosting of the STM32 general-purpose timer hardware capabilities through the generating of a 9-bit resolution instead of 6-bit resolution (hardware limit) PWM signal at 1.25 MHz PWM frequency
    • Demonstration example designed in a way that makes easy the perception of the added resolution bits using standard lab equipment(a low-pass filter and an oscilloscope)
    • Demonstration software readily runs on the NUCLEO-F302R8 Nucleo board populated with an STM32F302R8T6 microcontroller
    • Software easily migrated to any other microcontroller in the STM32 family
    • Software source-code template generated by the STM32CubeMx software tool
    • Easily tailorable for any other toolchain provided by the STM32 ecosystem
    • Software's source-code well commented and highly readable making most of its sub-routines easily integrable into source-code snippet libraries

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