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  • The software package called X-CUBE-RC-CALIB, describes how to measure and calibrate internal oscillators. It also describes which internal features are used for calibration or measurement.

    Each oscillator trimming functionality is implemented in a separate file, so that users can easily select the file they need, without using the whole software package.
    The software package X-CUBE-RC-CALIB is built on top of the STM32Cube HAL layer drivers.
    For more details refer to the application notes “How to calibrate an STM32L0xx internal RC oscillator” (AN4631) and “How to calibrate STM32L4 Series microcontrollers internal RC oscillator” (AN4736).

    Key Features

    • STM32L0xx:
      • Calibrated oscillators: HSI16, MSI, HSI48
      • Measured oscillator: LSI
    • STM32L4xx:
      • Calibrated oscillators: HSI16, MSI, HSI48 (only for STM32L432 line)
      • Measured oscillator: LSI

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