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Low voltage brush DC motor driver software expansion for STM32Cube

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Product overview


The X-CUBE-SPN13 software expansion for STM32Cube allows complete management of the STSPIN250 for control of brush DC motors. It is built on STM32Cube software technology for easy portability across different STM32 microcontrollers.

The software comes with a sample implementation to drive a bidirectional brush DC motor with a NUCLEO-F401RE, NUCLEO-F334R8, NUCLEO-F030R8 or NUCLEO-L053R8 development board connected to an X-NUCLEO-IHM13A1 expansion board.

  • All features

    • Driver layer for complete management of the STSPIN250 low voltage brush DC motor driver
    • Example for controlling one bidirectional brush DC motor
    • Easy portability across different MCU families, thanks to STM32Cube
    • Free user-friendly license terms

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