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STM32Cube expansion software achieving 32-bit timer resolution by using the link system (AN2592)

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Product overview


The X-CUBE-TIM-32RES embedded software package is an expansion of the STM32Cube embedded software libraries.

This firmware provides application use cases for the general-purpose-timer peripherals embedded in the STM32 microcontrollers.

The timers in microcontrollers can be linked together internally for timer synchronization or chaining purposes.

The X-CUBE-TIM-32RES describes how to use the link system to achieve the 32-bit resolution with two 16-bit timers.

For more details refer to Achieving 32-bit timer resolution with software expansion for STM32Cube and Standard Peripheral Library application note (AN2592).

  • All features

    • 32-bit input capture mode example using link system
    • 32-bit input capture mode example using one timer only
    • Two 32-bit output capture mode examples using link system
      • Active mode
      • Toggle mode
    • Microcontrollers covered: STM32F1 Series and STM32L0 Series

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