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USB Type-C and Power Delivery software expansion for STM32Cube

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Product overview

Recommended replacement product: X-CUBE-TCPP


The USB Type-C™ is the newest USB connector ecosystem, which addresses the evolving needs of platforms and devices, while retaining the functional benefits of USB.

X-CUBE-USB-PD is a USB-IF certified Expansion Package. It consists of libraries, drivers, sources, APIs and application examples running on any STM32 32-bit microcontrollers acting as USB Type-C™ port managers (TCPMs) and controlling third party Type-C™ port controllers (TCPCs).

An example is provided to help to develop applications based on USB-PD.

The ‘Core’ of the stack is delivered in a library format, while the ‘TCPC Component’ part in open-source format offers a high level of flexibility to match the design considerations.

This Expansion Package supports various hardware implementations covering most of the typical USB Type-C™ use-cases at optimized cost.

To discover all the MCU-based solutions for USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery technology, go to the landing page https://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/stm32-usb-c.html.

  • All features

    • Compliant with USB Type-C™ 1.3 specification and USB Power Delivery 3.0 standard
    • Support to the following USB-PD 3.0 optional features:
      • Programming power supply (PPS), fast role swap (FRS), extended messages
      • Authentication messages and commands via USB-PD protocol
    • Compliant with Type-C™ port controller interface (TCPCi) specification
      • Enables the STM32 to act as TCPM (Type-C™ port manager) and to control multi TCPCs (Type-C™ port controllers)
    • Dual-role power (DRP) supported
    • USB Type-C™ CC logic supported
      • Cable insertion, connector orientation detection and attachment with distant port
    • USB-PD messages transmission and reception over selected configuration channel (CC lines)
      • Protocol layer including coding and decoding using BMC and 5b4b coding
    • PD communication supported for the two sides of the USB-C™ cable (SOP’, SOP’’)
    • Driver of VCONN and SuperSpeed switches for a flip connector or alternate modes
    • BIST mode support: BIST mode to enable platform testing at runtime

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