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Bag for the ST25TA series NFC tags

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Product overview

Recommended replacement product: ST25-TAG-BAG-AB


The ST25-TAG-BAG-E is a ready-to-use tag set.

The ST25-TAG-BAG-E contains eight different items based on ST25TA02K and ST25TA64K, two NFC Forum Type 4 Tag ICs with, respectively, 2-Kbit and 64-Kbit EEPROM (more info on These ICs are combined with antennas of different size and material, to address different applications.

The ST25-TAG-BAG-E is intended for evaluation of the ST25TA series NFC tags, belonging to the ST25T product family, offering a wide range of NFC/RFID tags with 512 bits to 64 Kbits memory size, and including both short (ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and Type B) and long range (ISO/IEC 15693) products.

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    • ST25TA02K NFC seal
    • ST25TA02K NFC stickers
    • ST25TA02K key fob
    • ST25TA02K NFC bracelet
    • ST25TA64K NFC cards
    • ST25TA02K NFC Secure paper label