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1 kW traction controller reference design for 3-phase BLDC motors for light electric vehicles

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The 1 kW BLDC traction controller is a reference design for low voltage battery powered light electric vehicles running on nominal 48 VDC and 50 A peak current. The wide input voltage range (42-65 V) and combination of hardware and design features deliver a highly responsive and efficient solution with fault diagnostic features that render this drive a highly viable solution across a variety of applications.

The inverter stage in full bridge 3-phase topology includes N-channel Power MOSFETs featuring STripFET F6 trench gate technology, driven by smart L6491 gate driver ICs with embedded comparators ensuringr real time cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection.

The motor control logic is based on six step commutation in voltage mode, with Hall Sensor feedback for position detection. Detailed instructions are provided for configuring the firmware with an easy-to-use GUI and compiling the binary files for download onto the STM8S microcontroller.

The microcontroller section on the board can accommodate I²C and UART communication protocols for enhanced interfacing and control such as LCD display.

For further development, ST provides the ST Visual Development (STVD) environment and technical support for customizing and scaling the solution for Industrial and Automotive applications.

The system has been field tested on an e-Rickshaw, but it is designed for use with any low speed or light electric vehicles.

  • All features

    • 48 V DC 1 kilowatt design
    • Six Step drive commutation topology
    • Input Voltage range: 42 VDC to 65 VDC
    • Efficiency > 80%
    • Compatible with any 5 V throttle
    • Compatible with any start wound 48 V 3-phase BLDC motor with Hall sensor feedback
    • Protections:
      • Overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage protection
      • Option for two levels of ovecurrent protection with different thresholds
      • Speed and position feedback fault detection and protection
    • VIPER115LS based auxiliary power supply
    • 3 LEDs for fault indication
    • Drive ON/OFF switch
    • Drive Forward/Reverse switch
    • Drive disabled while mechanical brakes are applied
    • RoHS compliant

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