Time-of-Flight sensors

STMicroelectronics’s 5th generation of FlightSense™ sensors offer a wide portfolio of Time of Flight multi-zone ranging sensors, from single zone sensors up to multi-zone sensors able to create a 64-zone mini depth map up to 4 meters.

ST ToF sensors are an all-in-one (emitter, receiver, and processor) system for an easy, cost effective, low power and small footprint integration.

Benefits of FlightSense sensors

  • True distance measurement, independent of target size, color, and reflectance
  • Accurate and high-speed distance measurement
  • All-in-one integrated module for easy integration
  • Low power consumption
  • Truly invisible 940nm illumination
5th generation FlightSense™

What is FlightSense™?

FlightSense™ is the trademark of the ST Time-of-Flight technology. The time-of-flight principle is based on the speed of the light. An emitter sends photons which are reflected by the target and detected by the receiver (called SPAD for Single Photon Avalanche Diode). The time difference between the emission and the reception provides the actual distance of the target in millimeters with a high accuracy.

time of flight

Patented histogram algorithms

tof histogram

ST's patented histogram algorithms enable measuring distances to multiple objects as well as increasing accuracy. In addition to increased cover-glass crosstalk immunity and improved ranging under ambient lighting, the histogram algorithms ensure real-time smudge compensation for applications operating in dirty industrial environments.

  • Time-of-Flight sensors with Compact Normalized Histogram outputs enables AI applications
  • Maximum distance measurement can reach 8 meters
  • Multi-target detection and measurement in the FoV
  • Smudge immunity above 60 cm

Developer resources

FlightSense proximity and ranging sensors are supplied with a complete documentation package, example source code and software APIs (application programming interface) which are compatible with a range of microcontrollers and processors. The application software development and the physical integration into OEM devices is simplified thanks to the X-NUCLEO expansion and breakout boards which are compatible with the STM32 ODE environment and STM32CubeMX graphical user interface and initialization code generator.

stm32 ODE

Unlimited markets and applications

ST ToF sensors enable endless variety of use-cases and applications. Some of the most popular applications include:

  • Obstacle detection, wall following and cliff prediction for robotics and drones
  • Gesture recognition and hand posture control
  • Smart presence detection
  • Liquid level measurement and cup detection
  • KeyStone correction for projectors
  • Smart shelves inventory management
  • Camera autofocus assist

TurnKey full system solutions

ST is committed to help customers solve their solutions by offering not only hardware sensors but full system solutions, including Time-of-Flight sensors and suit of softwares, algorithms including AI development.

Live Webinar Series | Understanding ST ToF sensors, from state-of-the-art to the coming AI boom