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Automotive-grade, 5.1 Mpixel image sensor with global shutter and rolling modes for full image resolution and performance, in NIR and RGB

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Product overview


The VB1940, VD1940 is a 5.1 MP image sensor with both rolling and global shutter modes.

In rolling shutter mode, the VB1940, VD1940 produces a single HDR color frame output through the MIPI CSI 2 interface. This is achieved by combining a short and long exposure. In addition, the user can activate a function that converts the RGB NIR pattern to an RGGB format. Such format is compatible with any standard automotive ECU (electronic control unit).

In global shutter mode, the RGB pixels upscale the NIR image to full resolution. This innovative use of the NIR information is achieved thanks to the independent exposition of the NIR and RGB pixels.

The sensor captures up to 60 frames per second in a 2560 x 1984 resolution format. The device is fully configurable through the I²C serial interface. It also provides flexible frame-to-frame configuration changes via the use of programmable contexts. Up to four contexts can be sequenced in a versatile loop of up to 32 elements.

The sensor is designed as a SEOOC (safety element out of context). It is compliant with ISO26262 standards and ASIL-B safety levels.

The VB1940, VD1940 is designed with a full set of cyber security features.

  • All features

    • Automotive compliancy
      • AEC-Q100 grade 2 ongoing
      • Operating junction temperature: -40°C to 125°C
      • ISO26262 compliant to support ASIL B system integration
      • Cyber security features
    • Hybrid 5.1 MP global and rolling shutter features
      • 3D stacked sensor 40 nm/65 nm
      • 5.1 MP sensor (2560 x 1984)
      • 2.25 µm x 2.25 µm BSI (backside illuminated) pixel
      • RGB/NIR pixel technology with RGB NIR 4x4 pattern
      • Image array size: 5.8 mm x 4.5 mm
      • Optical format 1/2.5 inch
      • Bare die or OBGA package
    • Innovative features
      • Dual exposure controls (RGB and IR)
      • On-chip bayerization ISP (image signal processor)
      • On-chip color HDR (high dynamic range) merges
      • On-chip NIR smart upscale
      • 4 programmable contexts, in a versatile sequence, with up to 32 elements
    • Interface
      • Quad lane transmitter MIPI CSI-2 up to 1.5 Gbps per lane (MIPI CSI-2 copyright© 2005-2010 MIPI alliance, inc. standard for camera serial interface 2 (CSI-2) version 1.0)
      • 6 programmable GPIOs (general-purpose input/outputs) to control the LED (light-emitting diode)
        • Output synchronized with sensor integration periods
        • PWM (pulse-width modulation) control
      • Fast mode plus I²C control interface
    • Unique imaging performance
      • Peak quantum efficiency 25% @ 940 nm
      • HDR linear dynamic range up to 100 dB in rolling shutter mode
      • Up to 60 frames per second at full resolution
      • Ultralow noise

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