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Driver monitoring system (DMS)

Conceived to monitor the in-cabin vehicle alertness, the Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is critical for supporting highly autonomous driving functions, not only by recognizing the driver, but also monitoring the level of vigilance and detecting the earliest drowsiness signals.  Suitable also for cabin passengers detections, child seat occupancy or posture analysis, this technology can further enhance the Infotainment interface by enabling touch-free gesture control functions, leading the safety concept to an highest level and encouraging a smarter adoption of driver assistance functions.

Our products and solutions

ST comes with a scalable solution for Driver Monitoring System (DMS) applications, thanks to its HDR Global Shutter sensor (1.6 Mpixel & 2.3 Mpixel), together with a Multichannel Voltage regulator ASIL-D compliant and Automotive led drivers, MEMS Sensors, assuring the best flexibility for high-end computer vision applications in very critical environments.