Standard Serial Page EEPROM

Discover Page EEPROM benefits

Serial Page EEPROM is a high-density, page-erasable SPI EEPROM memory that combines flexibility, performance, and ultra-low power.

The Serial Page EEPROM with proprietary NVM cell technology delivers fast erase/write performance with high cycling endurance and robust retention. The new architecture allows fast wake up and byte flexibility, as well as block management and fast quad output, while keeping current surge and energy budget at very low levels.


Serial Page EEPROM is the all-in-one non-volatile memory solution for ultra-low power systems that require.

  • an external NVM to boot by downloading firmware before execution in RAM
  • to upload firmware versions by OTA
  • to run parameter monitoring, data log, or event recording
Discover Page EEPROM benefits
  • Fitness tracker
  • Smart watches
  • Digital thermometer
  • Glucose meter
  • Blood pressure monitor
IoT cloud
  • Electricity metering
  • Environment metering
  • Electronic shelf labels
IoT Smart Industry
  • Smart sensor nodes
  • Position and motion monitoring
  • Process and environment monitoring
  • Fieldbus and industrial ethernet

Product types

Serial Page EEPROM family extends existing ST Serial EEPROM portfolio towards higher densities: 8Mbit up to 32Mbit.

Products are available in small 8-pin packages such as SO8N, DFN2X3, DFN4X4, and WLCSP8, as well as bare die.

page eeprom characteristics
  • Wide voltage range
  • Extended temperature range
  • Fast power on
  • SPI single input 80MHz
  • SPI Quad output
  • Write byte flexibility
  • Fast program page
  • Fast erase page, sector, block, chip
  • Buffer load while program
  • Ultra-low operating current
  • Peak current control
  • Deep power down mode
  • Operating status flags
  • Read only protection
  • Error code correction (ECC)

Discover Serial Page EEPROM portfolio

page EEPROM portfolio

Benefits using Serial Page EEPROM

The Serial Page EEPROM nonvolatile memory solution opens new possibilities by incorporating efficient management of different data types such as read only data, cycled parameters, and firmware in a single device. The main benefits include:

  • Optimized initial data upload for reduced manufacturing time
  • Faster data access at application power-up
  • Reduced system downtime for firmware update OTA
  • Flexible data log and event recording
  • Ultra-low operating power budget even during intensive use
  • Nonvolatile memory BOM reduction by storing code and data in the same device

Serial Page EEPROM simplifies memory integration for faster time to market and higher application value.

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