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SPEAr ARM 926 Microprocessors

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ST’s SPEAr300/600 series, based on ARM®’s ARM926EJ-S core, offers a flexible solution for telecommunications and control applications.  The ARM926EJ-S processor is an entry point processor capable of supporting a full operating system. It can be used in many applications, from entry-level consumer devices, to networked industrial control systems.

Each product in the SPEAr300/600 series offers a unique mix of peripherals that orient the processor towards certain groupings of applications:

  • SPEAr300 for VoIP and industrial applications.
  • SPEAr310 is oriented towards telecommunications applications with multiple Ethernet ports and UART, iRDA, I²C and USB connectivity.
  • SPEAr320 and SPEAr320S target industrial monitoring, metering and control functions, with strong networking support, embedding a cryptographic accelerator, USB host/device, CAN, SSP and UART interfaces,  HMI with LCD, touchscreen support and more. Low power consumption and great I/O flexibility allow BOM efficient solutions.
  • The dual-core SPEAr600 offers greater processing power, as well as high networking and interface connectivity, touchscreen and keyboard support and more.