STM32MP133 microprocessors are based on a single Arm® Cortex®-A7 core running up to 1 GHz, combined with a CAN FD interface and dual Ethernet ports.

    STM32MP133 MPUs offer cost- & energy-efficient processing with certified security. The STM32MP133 lines bring advanced security features, including:
  • a cryptographic accelerator for hardware robustness,
  • memory protections against illegal access control,
  • code isolation mechanisms for runtime protection,
  • functions to ensure platform authentication during the product lifecycle,
  • and a complete security ecosystem.

The STM32MP13 MPUs target entry-level Linux, bare metal, or RTOS systems, with Microsoft Azure RTOS pre-integrated.

The STM32MP133 line is available in 3 different packages for a cost-efficient PCB architecture.


The STM32MP1 series offers general-purpose and multi-market microprocessors (MPU), targeting a wide range of industrial applications.

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