STM8S Application Specific Line

STM8S Application-specific line offer solutions for more analog performance and DiSEqC applications.

The STM8S903 devices are most suitable when more analog features and performance is required. Typical applications include motor control, battery management, power supplies and power management. The STM8S903 offers the same standard set of features as the STM8S103/105 Access line: full set of timers, interfaces (UART, SPI, I²C), 10-bit ADC, internal and external clock control system, watchdogs, auto wake-up unit and an integrated single-wire debug module. Designers can benefit from the additional ADC channels, synchronization on timers and internal voltage reference. STM8S903 is based on our proprietary 16 MHz core and housed in 20- or 32-pin packages. The program Flash memory size is 8 Kbytes, with 640 bytes of data EEPROM and 1 Kbyte of RAM.

Our STM8SPLNB1 is dedicated to LNB dish-head control. It is a full hardware and software solution for DiSEqC protocol decoding. The microcontroller is pre-programmed with application firmware, and hardware implementation requires only a few extra components.