STM8S Series

STM8S Mainstream series

ST’s STM8S series of mainstream 8-bit microcontrollers covers a large variety of applications in the industrial, consumer and computer markets, particularly where large volumes are concerned.

Based on the STM8 proprietary core, the STM8S series benefits from ST's 130 nm technology and advanced core architecture performing up to 20 MIPS at 24 MHz.

In addition to embedded EEPROM and RC oscillators, the rich number of I/Os offered and the performance of its embedded peripherals are recognized as differentiating key points versus competition.

The STM8S series is part of ST’s 10-year product longevity commitment program for STM32 and STM8 microcontrollers, ensuring a robust and reliable solution for designers.

The associated development toolchain from affordable discovery kits to more complex evaluation kits and third-party tools makes it easy to develop with STM8S microcontrollers.

The STM8S series consists of 4 lines, each with different features but with full compatibility and upgradability to simplify future design changes:

STM8S MCUs now available in 8-pin package!

STM8S Series expands our product portfolio in smaller pin count packages, introducing two part numbers in a SO8 package. 

  • STM8S001J3 offers an outstanding set of features with top-notch core processing speed, system control, memory size, communication peripherals, and analog functions.
  • STM8-SO8-DISCO lets users evaluate all three STM8 variants currently available in the popular 8-pin SO8 package.

Configure easily your STM8 MCU using our free configuration tool with user-friendly GUI, the STM8CubeMX. Including several intuitive wizards to help significantly reduce development effort, time and cost. STM8CubeMX is available for Windows®, Linux®and macOS® operating systems.