Dual Channel E-fuses

ST’s dual-channel eFuses embed two electronic fuses in a single plastic package, one preset for the 5 V rail and the other for the 12 V rail.

Thanks to the accurate, factory-trimmed overvoltage clamp and overcurrent protection, these devices minimize design efforts. They are also ready to go with just a few external components, without sacrificing any of the typical eFuse protection performance.



ST’ s dual-channel eFuses are designed to satisfy the need for compactness, accuracy, and reliability in consumer, enterprise data storage, and computing solutions. Typical final applications include HDD, data storage arrays, and computers.

Data Storage

Hard disk drives



Typical application diagram

ST’s dual-channel eFuses simplify the design and optimize costs by reducing the application’s bill of material and board dimensions.


Product types

Certain products offer a precise analog current monitor signal, providing continuous, real-time information about the load current of each channel. A reverse current blocking feature for the 5V eFuse channel – required by systems with load-side holdup energy, such as hard disk and solid-state drives – is available on STEF512SRX devices.



  • Quick and intelligent response to faults
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Hot-plug/hot-swap capability
  • Flexible application designs