ST’s LCD/OLED Power Units (PSUs) add value to new designs by simplifying power-supply circuitry and maximizing battery life. Our PSUs support feature-rich portable products due to their embedded energy-saving features.

ST’s Power Management ICs (PMICs) 3-channel outputs, namely, ELVDD, ELVSS and AVDD, are optimized for high display brightness and high energy efficiency. They also feature a small PCB footprint and practical communication interface with the DDI and application processor such as SWIRE and I²C.



ST’s power management ICs (PMICs) are optimized for AMOLED display panels for smartphone and portable consumer electronic appliances.

The AMOLED display requires ELVDD, ELVSS, and AVDD voltages. ELVDD and ELVSS are the positive and negative driving voltage to the electroluminescent (EL). ELVDD is implemented using a boost converter, whereas ELVSS is an inverting buck boost converter. AVDD is the output to the DDI (display driver IC), which is implemented in boost converter topology as well.

Smart Phones,
Tablets, eReaders

Lighting Management


Product types:

The ST portfolio of display power management ICs includes:


Power Management for AMOLED Display


 The STMP30 is a power management for AMOLED display. With an input-voltage range from 2.9V to 4.8V, the STMP30 PMIC contains three integrated DC-DC converters to provide all the power rails needed for AMOLED displays in smartphones and other portable devices.


Key Benefits:

    Ultra-Lower power
  • Low quiescent current helps to extend battery life

  • Ultra-Compact
  • Highly integrated design in WCSP package enables a compact solution

  • High brightness mode
  • Supports best viewing in bright outdoor environment

  • TDMA immunity
  • Flicker-less in the display

  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Dynamic scaling of output voltage allows for optimization of display brightness for the best visibility under all conditions

  • SWIRE and I²C interfaces
  • Ensures compatibility with majority of DDI in the market

  • Always-On display mode
  • Support AOD at minimal power consumption

  • Inrush current protection
  • Designed with soft start feature to limit inrush current

  • Safety functions
  • Built-in thermal and short circuit protection functions improve reliability and robustness