Standard Voltage Regulators

ST offers a range of standard linear voltage regulators that are a very stable and reliable solution for general-purpose consumer, SMPS and industrial applications. They combine the highest level of ruggedness with the widest versatility and ease of design, for all those kinds of linear power supplies that do not require ultra-low dropout and low quiescent current performance. This family of voltage regulators requires only very common and inexpensive external components, such as electrolytic capacitors and resistors to set the proper output voltage in the adjustable versions.

Thanks to their very simple 3-pin architecture, they can be used to easily design various linear circuits to accomplish specific functions such as dual-voltage power supplies, current regulators, LED drivers, or battery chargers. Embedded thermal, overcurrent and SOA protections make these devices practically undestructible and suitable for reliable medium-power applications where a switching solution can’t be used due to cost, complexity or dynamic performance reasons.

Available in a wide range of output voltage options, including positive, negative and adjustable, they are assembled either in industry-standard through-hole packages, such as standard and isolated (fullpack) TO-220 and TO-92, or in SMT packages for enhanced power dissipation performance without an external heat-sink (SOT-223, DPAK, PPAK etc.).

The main features include:

  • input voltage of up to ±40 V
  • maximum currents of up to 5 A
  • fixed and adjustable output voltage versions starting from 1.2 V
  • typical dropout voltage range from 1 to 1.7 V
  • thermal and short-circuit protections

The available package options (miniature to high power) are SOT-89, TO-92, SO-8, DPAK, D2PAK, TO-220 and TO-220FP.