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ST offers one of the widest selection of fixed and adjustable linear voltage regulators. Beside a complete portfolio of Industry Standard regulators for both Positive and Negative output, we offer an ever-expanding range of High performance regulators addressing all the major trends in the industry. Among our products, you can find the optimal combination of low dropout voltage and quiescent current - for the highest efficiency design - or dynamic performances for the best transient response, ripple rejection and low noise. All this coupled with a choice of the smallest form factor packages for size conscious applications.

Low-dropout regulators (LDO)

low dropout voltage regulator design guide

Featured Products

New 200 mA and 1.2A LDOs support up to 18 V input voltage

The LDK320 and LDL212 complete ST’s family of cost-effective LDOs, offering an optimal combination of low dropout voltage, low quiescent current and remarkable dynamic performance at a favorable price.

Thanks to the wide input voltage operating range, as high as 18 V, they can be used as post-regulators in consumer applications (TVs, STBs), home appliances and industrial control modules, or directly attached to medium voltage battery packs in laptops and other battery-operated equipment. The LDK320 is also available in a 0.5% high accuracy version.

Both products are available in tiny packages allowing designers to save PCB space and build smaller systems.

STLQ015 ultra-low quiescent current linear regulators

The STLQ015 ultra-low consumption LDOs provide up to 150 mA current from an input voltage ranging from 1.5 to 5.5 V. They feature a quiescent current of just 1.4 μA at the maximum load and a standby current of typically 1 nA, extending the battery lifetime in those applications requiring very long standby time. Requiring only two small external capacitors, they provide a cost-effective and space-saving solution for powering microcontrollers in portable and battery-powered systems, electronic sensors, home medical instruments and portable entertainment gadgets. The STLQ015 LDOs are available in a wide range of output voltages, from 0.8 V to 3.3 V in 100 mV steps. 

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