< 500V Transistors

ST's power bipolar transistors with a voltage rating up to 500 V are available with both NPN and PNP polarity. We offer both industry-standard and proprietary devices. Power bipolar transistors belong to the STPOWER family.

Key features of our NPN and PNP transistors (< 500 V)

  • 15 to 120 V BJTs based on the second generation of base island technology for improved VCE(sat) and gain
  • 150 to 300 V dedicated parts featuring excellent gain linearity and pair matching for professional class AB audio amplifiers
  • Very high gain characteristic for reduced driving requirements
  • Very low saturation voltage to minimize conduction losses
  • High switching speed
  • Wide portfolio of miniaturized SMD packages including the latest PowerFLAT 2 x 2 mm2

Our power bipolar transistor portfolio also includes high voltage and > 1000 V NPN-PNP transistors.

Our wide STPOWER product portfolio, combined with state-of-the art packaging and protections for high reliability and safety, helps designers find the right solutions for customized, high-efficiency applications that will last a long lifetime.