ST’s large portfolio of protection devices supports all industry requirements for:
    - EOS 8/20µs and EOS 10/1000µs surge protection
    - ESD protection
    - Lightning surge protection
    - Automotive protection
    - Current limiters

Our protection devices have passed all certifications, meeting or exceeding international protection standards for electrical hazards on electronics boards found in the demanding automotive, computer, consumer, industrial and telecom markets.

Some examples of our leading-edge technology:
    - High-current crowbar protection for lightning surges (with TVS crowbar diodes and ICs, or Trisils™)
     - High-efficiency clamping protection for power surges and ESD protection (with TVS clamping diodes and arrays, or Transils™)
    - Additional application-specific protection including serial current limiters, thermal shutdown, CMOS and SPI interfaces.  

Standard and advanced innovative packages (flow-through µDFN, WLCSP and PowerQFN) keep board space to a minimum, helping improve layout options.

ST is now offering online ESD design tools: the TVS smart selector and the ESD-SIM simulator.
Download the ESD simulator 'Get startedguide.


Protection Devices portfolio

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