High-speed data lines (<1 pF)

Why ESD protection for high-speed ports?

Integrated circuits manufactured using advanced technologies with very thin lithography and gate oxide layers are highly vulnerable to ESD.

Integrated electronics systems with PCBs having a high component density facilitate ESD coupling and propagation, and IC manufacturers are reluctant to make robust embedded ESD protection diodes that would require a significant active area of their advanced and expensive technology.

ST’s extra-low-capacitance ESD protection devices (down to 0.1 pF) ensure the safety of the highest speed interfaces such as HDMI, USB-C, DisplayPort™ or Thunderbolt , Ethernet and MIPI, combining protection, robustness, transparency, and signal integrity.

In addition to an ultra-low clamping voltage that protects interface controller ICs from ESD events, these devices offer the highest bandwidth (up to 20 GHz), surpassing industry standards and fully securing the integrity of high-speed signals.

ST’s high-speed ESD protection solutions offer two options for a comprehensive PCB layout approach:

  • Flow-through configuration easing PCB design and interface testing,
  • Miniaturization with optimized pinout and small packages for board space and cost savings

They are available in a wide range of SMD packages including the smallest single-line packages such as 01005 and 0201 as well as the popular QFN and DFN packages often used in industrial applications.

High-speed-data-lines protections <1pf