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STSAFE-A: an optimized solution 

STSAFE-A is an optimized solution providing strong authentication services. Its command set is tailored to address authentication, establish a secure channel in the scope of a TLS session, verify signatures, and offer secure storage as well as decrement counters for usage monitoring.

Relying on a Common Criteria EAL5+ platform, STSAFE-A is a highly secure authentication solution whose security is certified by independent parties. 

Particularly well suited for applications exposed to fraud or counterfeiting, such as consumables like printer, cartridges, accessories for phones or gaming, USB Type-C devices, connected IoT devices based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), IoT objects running critical credential or operating valuable services, STSAFE-A is the ideal solution for customers wishing to build an ecosystem around their brand. 

STSAFE-J: a flexible solution

STSAFE-J is a flexible secure solution based on GlobalPlatform®, Java 3.0.4 and dedicated Java CardTM modular applications. It offers a wide range of cryptographic and secure services which meets the requirements of custom application. 

Moreover, its Common Criteria EAL5+, BSI (BSI-DSZ-CC-1037-2018) certificates and French Enedis specification compliant enable it to serve the smart grid market as well as those requiring strong security in concentrators, gateways, and IoT devices.

Developers benefit from a comprehensive set of development tools and services:

  • Expansion board compatible with STM32 Nucleo and Arduino boards
  • Example code and libraries to be embedded in the application microcontrollers (authentication, TLS)
  • Personalization services for the storage of trusted secrets

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