Industrial edge AI Solutions

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Edge AI solutions are transforming the industrial sector by enabling real-time monitoring and control. Find out more and explore over 30 use cases.

    Edge AI solutions enable more efficient, proactive, and data-driven operations, which contribute to:
  • improving safety
  • reducing or preventing downtime
  • optimizing production
  • increasing quality control

By analyzing data, such as vibration, sound, or temperature, from smart sensors in real time, edge AI solutions enable predictive maintenance solutions.

They can help to predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing for proactive maintenance before a breakdown occurs.

Edge AI solutions, such as intelligent motion sensing and people counting, can be used in a variety of settings in smart factories and smart homes.

    They can be useful to:
  • track occupancy levels
  • reduce energy consumption in unoccupied spaces
  • optimize room utilization
  • protect specific areas