The Onlife era of MEMS: integrating AI in sensors for decision-making in the Edge

In the Onlife era, intelligent processing is integrated into sensors in the Edge. This means connected objects can sense, process, and take actions in a seamless way, without impacting our user experience and bridging the online and offline world.

Artificial Intelligence is distributed in the nodes, enabling more power-efficient connected devices, enhanced data privacy, and faster decision making thanks to fewer data transfers.


The technology behind the Onlife Era

In 2022, ST brings you a new generation of MEMS sensors, featuring an embedded intelligent sensor processing unit (ISPU). Optimized to analyze motion data with signal processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques, the ISPU processes data in the Edge, without waking up the system and before transferring data to the MCU and gateway/cloud.

NanoEdge* AI Studio software solution will soon support the ISPU and bring on-device learning capabilities.

Download the presentation to find out more about the 20-year journey that has taken MEMS from the offline to the onlife era. This presentation outlines:

  • A brief introduction to the ISPU
  • The 3 design criteria for working in the Edge
  • The technical challenges
  • NanoEdge AI Studio for on-device learning solutions

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