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The STGAP2S is a single gate driver designed for isolation of gate driving channel and low voltage interface circuitry. This makes it a perfect choice for applications such as motor drives, power supplies and power converters.

This gate driver is suitable to drive gate current up to 4A and has rail-to-rail outputs making it suitable to also drive high power applications, for example motor drives in industrial applications.

The device is available in two different configurations: 

  • A configuration with multiple output pins allowing independent optimization of turn-on and turn-off by using dedicated gate resistors and 
  • A configuration featuring a single output pin and Miller clamp function preventing gate spikes during fast commutations in half-bridge topologies.

  • Both configurations provide high flexibility and bill of material reduction for external components.
  • The device integrates many protection functions like undervoltage lockout and thermal shutdown to easily design high reliability systems. Dual input pins allow choosing the control signal polarity and also implementing HW interlocking protection in order to avoid cross-conduction in case of controller malfunction.
  • With input to output propagation delay within 80ns, the device is best in class for this parameter and as a result, the STGAP2S provides high PWM control accuracy.
  • A standby mode is available in order to reduce idle power consumption.

ST also offers an evaluation board for STGAP2S: EVALSTGAP2SCM. This board helps with the selection and modification of the relevant external component values in order to ease driver performance evaluation under different application conditions and fine tuning of final application components.

EVALSTGAP2SCM integrates two STGAP2S to drive the half-bridge power stage up to 1700V in TO-220 or TO-247 package. Implementation of negative voltage gate driving and isolated DC-DC converters allows to drive MOSFET, IGBT or SiC transistors.


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