Motion Sensor Solutions

To sense motion, sensors must be able to detect acceleration (either linear or angular), velocity and an object's position. This data is used in a variety of applications from detecting anomalous vibrations in an electrical motor for  preventive maintenance, acceleration in an  automotive ABS system, and even a player’s activity in a  gaming console. ST has the broadest offer of  motion sensors including  accelerometersgyroscopes and stand-alone  magnetometers as well as  eCompass combo solutions and 6- and 9-axis iNEMO®  inertial measurement units (IMU) with more than 50% current reduction respect to closest competitor's device. Fabricated with our innovative MEMS silicon technologies, they all feature ultra-low power consumption, high-accuracy and stability over time and temperature variations. In addition to a wide range of power management solutions and STM32 microcontrollers, we provide a comprehensive set of evaluation and development tools including software libraries to help engineers build a wide variety of motion sensing building blocks.