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Teseo-LIV3F GNSS Prototyping Solution II

Solution Description


Easy-to-use Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) modules, Teseo-LIV3F (Flash-based), Teseo-LIV3R (ROM-based) and Teseo-LIV3FL (low-power version) modules are tiny standalone positioning receiver ICs able to work simultaneously on multiple constellations (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou, and QZSS).  

Designed for outdoor asset tracking solutions, our Teseo-LIV3x series supports data logging for continuous storage of position, velocity and time data inside its embedded Flash memory, while its LTE connectivity and embedded motion and environment sensors ensure highly accurate real-time positioning. Allowing for easy integration, ST’s Teseo GNSS modules are a flexible solution that makes it easy to download new firmware and updates. 

Available pre-programmed and pre-configured, these GNSS modules provide superior accuracy thanks to the on-board 26 MHz temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and a reduced Time To First Fix (TTFF) due to a dedicated 32-kHz Real Time Clock (RTC) oscillator. 

Depending on your application, you can use an ultra-low-power STM32L4 microcontroller with a digital signal processor (DSP) and floating-point unit (FPU). It includes USB OTG connectivity to link with various motion and environmental sensors to improve positioning accuracy and reduce power consumption. 

To ensure reliable and correct onboard data, developers can depend on our advanced LSM6DSO motion sensor system-in-package featuring a 3D digital accelerometer and a 3D digital gyroscope in addition to our ultra-compact, high-performance LPS22HH absolute pressure sensor which functions as a digital output barometer.  

Our HTS221 relative humidity and temperature sensor can monitor critical threshold values, which is especially important in applications such as cold chain shipments, while our ultra-low-power LIS2DW12 3D accelerometer records when tracked assets are subject to sharp acceleration events such as falling, sliding, and impacts or collisions. 

The compactness and cost-effectiveness of our Teseo III solutions make them ideal for a wide range of applications including insurance black boxes, goods tracking, drones, tolling, anti-theft systems, people and pet location, vehicle tracking (including odometer), emergency calls, fleet management, vehicle sharing, diagnostics and public transportation. 


  • Key Product Benefits

    Teseo III GNSS modules

    Teseo III modules support GNSS integrity messages that monitor the gaps between the LMS-based PT solutions against three active constellations to ensure anti-spoofing and anti-jamming protection. Teseo III GNSS chips and modules also embed a Geofence subsystem able to notify the host if the current position falls inside/outside a set of preprogrammed circles. Teseo-LIV3R modules provide RealTime Assisted GNSS (RT-AGNSS), a server-based Assisted GNSS solution for continuous real-time satellite position determination. While, Teseo-LIV3F modules further provide Autonomous Assisted GNSS features that are able to predict a device's position based on previous satellite observations.

    LSM6DSO - motion sensor

    With advanced digital functions, the LSM6DSO boosts performance at 0.55 mA in high-performance mode and enabling "Always-on" low-power features for optimal motion measurements. The LSM6DSO can be configured to generate interrupt signals activated by user-defined motion patterns thanks to up to 16 embedded finite state machines that can be programmed independently for motion detection. Includes an embedded temperature sensor for added accuracy.

    LPS22HH - pressure sensor

    The world's smallest pressure sensor, the LPS22HH has an integrated first-in first-out (FIFO) buffer allowing the user to store data in order to limit interventions by the host processor and save energy. It features a Data-Ready signal which indicates when a new set of measured data is available, simplifying data synchronization. Available in a 2 x 2 mm full-mold, holed LGA package, the LPS22HH can communicate with applications via an SPI or I²C interface.

    LIS2DW12 - accelerometer

    With ultra-low power consumption, the highly configurable LIS2DW12 features user-selectable full scales, embedded self-test capability and a dedicated internal engine to process motion and acceleration data when tracking assets subject to sharp acceleration events such as falling, sliding, and impacts or collisions.

    HTS221 - humidity and temperature sensor

    This ultra-compact sensor embeds a highly accurate, factory-calibrated sensing element and features a programmable output data rate for monitoring critical humidity and temperature threshold values, which is especially important in applications such as cold chain shipments.