ST25DV-I2C Crypto Solution for Secure Transfer Channel (STC) over NFC to Smartphones

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This solution establishes a Secure Transfer Channel (STC) over NFC between a microcontroller and a smartphone application.

An ST25DV-I2C dynamic NFC Tag IC interfaces between an STM32 microcontroller and an NFC compatible Android or iOS mobile device to provide authorized access and control of an industrial, home appliance or consumer system and to protect data with high encryption security.

The NFC Tag supports accelerated communication rates with a Fast Transfer Mode buffer between the radio interface and the I2C serial interface for the MCU. The Secure Transfer Channel initiates key pairing for mutual authentication between the mobile application and the microcontroller before proceeding with encrypted communications over NFC.

The STM32L476RG MCU running the X-CUBE-SBSFU secure boot and secure firmware update software implements a series of start-up and runtime protections for the sensitive authentication data and cryptographic libraries required for a viable secure communication application.

  • Key Product Benefits

    ST25DV-I2C Dynamic NFC Tag
    • Establishes a secure transfer channel over NFC 
    • Fast transfer mode feature accelerates communication rates
    STM32L476RG microcontroller
    • Low power MCU
    • STM32Trust compliant 
    • Supports Secure Boot 
    • Secure Firmware Upgrade
    X-CUBE-SBSFU software
    • Secure boot and secure firmware update software
    • Prevents access to sensitive memory locations.
  • All Features

    • Secure authentication and encrypted communication between a mobile application and a system MCU
    • Fast Transfer Mode for accelerated data throughput
    • Minimal HW requirements for a compact low-cost solution
    • Energy efficient design with low-power MCU and NFC Tag
    • Cryptographic libraries and secure firmware available
    • Comprehensive STM32 ecosystem support