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ST25 NFC tag solution for iOS App Clips

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Solution Description


This solution presents a low cost and straightforward means for generating any number of NFC tags for diffusing and promoting specific smartphone app functionality through Apple App Clips ( It is based on tiny ST25TV02KC NFC Forum Type 5 Tags, which can be embedded on adhesives or stickers, bands and cards, and NFC Tap (STSW-ST25IOS001) software installed on an appropriate iOS14 (or above) device.



The software provides an intuitive interface for wireless Near Field Communication with any ST25TV02KC NFC Tags in sufficient proximity, to convert App Clip URLs into the appropriate NFC message format and transfer the information onto the NFC Tag memory. The ST25TV02KC NFC Tag features highly durable EEPROM with extensive protection against tampering and unauthorized writing. 



The same tags can then be deployed on menus, rental items, appliances, packaging, and similar strategic locations where target users can conveniently tap their compatible smartphone on the tags and begin using the intended App Clip functionality.


  • Key Product Benefits

    ST25TV02KC  2-Kbit EEPROM tag IC

    This NFC Forum Type 5 Tag features excellent connectivity performance, long-life memory and a host of protection mechanisms against unauthorized overwriting or tampering

    STSW-ST25IOS001 NFC Tap app for iOS

    This software connects seamlessly with ST25 NFC tags and renders the process of loading App Clip URLs onto the tags in the NDEF message format easy and immediate.

  • All Features

    • Inexpensive and tiny NFC tags allow innovative and convenient placement on various PET and paper shapes.
    • Free NFC Tap app highly simplifies process of loading App Clip URLs on NFC tags.
    • Highly reliable EEPROM protected from unauthorized intrusion and able to withstand wide temperature ranges.