Design Win

High-efficiency 250W compressor solution

Solution Description

This is a complete solution for controlling a variable-speed 3-phase 250 W BLDC compressor motor used in refrigeration systems, air compressors, air conditioning units and more.

Built around a system-in-package, this highly energy-efficient solution offers the highest integration as well as full protection and higher performance (2-shunt version) with respect to other solutions on the market.

At the heart of this three-phase inverter solution is the STSPIN32F0601 controller which embeds a Mainstream STM32F031 Access line microcontroller, a 600 V 3-phase gate driver powered by a high-performance VIPER122 high-voltage converter in a buck configuration and an L78L33 three-terminal positive voltage regulator.

The power section is implemented through an STD8N60DM2 N-channel 600 V Power MOSFET from the MDmesh™ DM2 fast-recovery diode series for further optimization.

This extremely integrated solution helps designers to reduce PCB area and their overall bill of materials.

  • Key Product Benefits

    STSPIN32F0601 - Motor Controller

        - Extremely integrated solution

        - STM32F031x6x7 microcontroller featuring an ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M0 CPU

        - 21 general-purpose I/O ports (GPIO)

        - Smart shutdown (smartSD) function

        - Extended temperature range: -40 to +125 °C

    STD8N60DM2  - High efficiency Power MOSFET

        - Very low recovery charge (Qrr) and time (trr)

        - Extremely low gate charge and input capacitance

        - Low RDS(on)

  • All Features

    • Very low stand-by power consumption and over current and under voltage protections
    • Inverter power stage based on STGD5H60DF IGBTs rated at 600 V and 5 A
    • Equipped with proven sensorless field-oriented control (FOC) firmware in one-shunt or 2+1 shunt topology
    • Low stand-by power consumption (<300 mW)
    • Able to drive motors up to 250 W