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2KW 2-Ch Interleaved CCM PFC with Digital ICC

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Solution Description

The 2kW interleaved PFC solution features the performance of analog cycle-by-cycle current regulation and the flexibility of digital control to generate power supplies with very high-power factor and very low harmonic distortion in an efficient and cost-effective package that can be easily configured for specific performance criteria.

Digital power control is based on the STNRGPF12 digital PFC controller, which in combination with the TN3050H-12WY thyristor and STBR3012 rectifier diode, implements digital inrush current limitation and can drive up to two interleaved PFC channels using mixed signal (analog and digital) average current mode control in CCM at fixed frequency. This controller is the ideal choice for interleaved CCM boost PFC applications above 600 watts.

The STGW20H65FB IGBTs used for the boost switches are cost effective devices especially designed to minimize losses in power converters thanks to their low VCE (sat) and reduced tail current profile.

To minimize the power losses associated with PFC operation in CCM at high frequencies, the solution includes the STPSC12065 650 V power Schottky silicon carbide diode fast recovery with negligible reverse recovery charge (Qrr) and minimal capacitive turn-off behaviour independent of temperature.

  • Key Product Benefits

    STNRGPF12 - High Power inrush current controller

    The STNRGPF12 digital controller is designed for interleaved PFC boost topologies and intended for use in high power applications. It features a digital inrush current control implemented with a solid state solution based on a silicon controlled rectifier. The controller can drive up to 2 interleaved channels. The device works in CCM at fixed frequency with average current mode control, in applications based on a mixed signal (analog/digital) architecture.

    STBR3012 - High voltage rectifier

    Thanks to its ultra-low conduction losses, the STBR3012 high voltage rectifier is especially suitable for use as input bridge diode in battery chargers

    STGW20H65FB - Highly efficient IGBT

    These IGBTs is part of the new HB series of IGBTs, which represent an optimum compromise between conduction and switching losses to maximize the efficiency of any frequency converter. Furthermore, a slightly positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient and very tight parameter distribution result in safer paralleling operation.


    STPSC12065 - High performance SiC diode

    Especially suited for use in PFC applications, this ST SiC diode will boost performance in hard switching conditions. Its high forward surge capability ensures good robustness during transient phases.

  • All Features

    • Input voltage range: 90 to 265 VAC
      • Line frequency range: 47 to 63 Hz
      • Maximum output power: 2 kW at 230 V
    •  Digital Inrush Current Limiter function performed with SCR
    • Output voltage: 400 V
    • Power factor: > 0.98 at 20% load
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: <5% at 20% load
    •  Mixed-signal Average Current Mode control, CCM fixed frequency operation
    • Switching Frequency (fsw): 60 kHz
    • Cycle-by-cycle regulation (analog current control loop)
    •  Input voltage and load feed-forwards
    •  Phase shedding
    •  Current balance
    • Burst-mode operation
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Thermal protection
    • Status indicator LEDs
    • Forced Air Cooling function