Design Win

IO-Link Device with industrial MEMs sensors and dual channel transceiver

Solution Description

The entire system is managed by the ultra-low-power STM32L4 microcontroller that controls IO-Link communications between the various MEMS sensors and the L6364 transceiver. The STM32L4's embedded serial audio interface (SAI) processes the audio signals from the digital IMP34DT05 omnidirectional microphone, while the other environmental and motions sensors are managed via the STM32L4's I²C interface.

The L6364 transceiver controls IO-Link communications between the 24V bus rail and the microcontroller which embeds the IO Device Description (IODD) with information about the sensors and actuators connected to the IO-Link communication interface. In addition to ensuring electrical and timing IO-Link compatibility, the L6364 transceiver can supply up to 50 mA to the MEMS sensors and withstand electrical surges up to ±1.4 kV (500Ω coupling) without requiring an external TVS, reducing the required cost and size. Moreover, the L6364 transceiver’s high EMC immunity guarantees the entire application can operate in harsh industrial environments.

The L6364 transceiver's embedded configurable DC-DC frequency and voltage regulator improves power dissipation while its multi-octet transmission mode drastically reduces MCU computation effort, further lowering the application’s power consumption.

To improve power dissipation, an ST2378E dual-supply, bidirectional level translator can be added to lower the power rail from 3.3V to 1.8V. Depending on the application's electrical requirements, additional voltage regulators (such as the low-noise LD39050 for a 3.3V rail, or the configurable LD1117A for a 5.0V rail) can also be added to the design.

  • All Features


    • Up to 35V operating voltage range
    • Loads up to 50 mA load
    • 38.4k baud (COM2) and 230.4k baud (COM3) rates supported
    • IO-Link stack library supporting Startup, Preoperate, Operate and Direct Parameter (page 1) IO-Link commands
    • Full zero current reverse polarity on L+, CQ, DIO and L- lines


    • Immunity to surge pulses up to ±1.4 kV on L+, CQ, DIO and L- lines with 500Ω coupling.
    • Immunity to ESD contact/air ≤ ±3 kV
    • Immunity to Burst noise ≤ ±1 kV

    Standards Compliance

    • Radiated Emissions (EM fields from 30 MHz to 1 GHz) < 40 dB µV/m
    • Immunity to conducted disturbance (150 kHz to 80 MHz) ≤ 10 V
    • Immunity to RF EM Fields (80 MHz to 1 GHz) ≤ 10 V/m
    • Immunity to RF EM Fields (1 to 2.7 GHz) ≤ 3 V/m
    • Immunity to Surge pulses (500Ω coupling) ≤ ±1.2 kV