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Adjustable dual channel digital DC-DC suited for USB Power Delivery Version 3.0

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Solution Description

The AEK-POW-L5964V1 is a digitally controller board hosting L5964, an automotive grade, dual channel DC-DC buck converter with up to 3A output current per channel. It is very low components, integrated and cost optimized solution to support in-car supply requirements and USB Power Delivery version 3.0 power requirement prescriptions.

The AEK-POW-L5964V1 board is also suitable to work as power board for the kit AEKD-USBTYPEC1, including USB Power Delivery 2.0 source code, SPC58EC MCU board and AEK-USB-2TYPEC1 dual port USB Type-C interface board. 

The uniqueness of ST solution is that AEKD-USBTYPEC1 plus AEK-POW-L5964V1 is conceived as an independent ECU, therefore is suitable for simple USB applications but also for more complex ones like Rear seat USB applications where the USB Type-C cable is used as power supply and DisplayPort data transfer for the monitor. This is allowed by the Alternate mode available in USB Power Delivery version 3.0.

Target applications

  • In-car supply for Infotainment and Body Applications
  • USB Power Delivery version 2.0 and 3.0
  • ECU adjustable DC-DC supply
  • Rear seat USB Alternate mode applications

  • Key Product Benefits

    The possible uses of AEK-POW-L5964V1 are:

    • As an MCU driven DC-DC power board with two adjustable output voltage channels. In this configuration the board could be used for Infotainment, general Body Application supply and ECU internal supply.
    • As a general DC-DC power board without direct control from a MCU and where the MCU control signals (e.g. GPIOs) are replaced by direct supply signals.
    • As a power board for AEKD-USBTYPEC1 kit to exploit the functionality of USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery version 2.0 (i.e. adjustable fixed voltages).
    • As a power board for USB Power Delivery version 3.0 where Programmable Power Source (PPS) for current and voltage loops are required.
    • As high power board up two 100W where the two channels are combined in one. This option is available on the PCB but not implemented.


    Usage with AEKD-USBTYPEC1 demo kit 

    AEKD-USBTYPEC1 demo kit is designed for the evaluation of the USB Power Delivery protocol stack version 2.0 implemented on the ASIL-B automotive grade 32-bit Power Architecture® microcontroller.