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USB Type-C and Power Delivery Analyzer

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Solution Description

This USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery Analyzer is designed to lower the costs and complexities associated with application development and debugging involving USB Type-C™ communication and Power Delivery. The solution offers all necessary interfaces for immediate connection and communication with other USB Type-C™ devices, providing access to port characteristics such as data roles, power roles, VBUS and IBUS monitoring.

The solution is based on the STM32G0 certified USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 microcontroller, running the STM32CubeMonUCPD software analyzer to monitor and configure USB Type-C and Power Delivery applications. It supports USB Type-C™ 1.2 and USB PD 2.0/3.0 specifications and may be executed in standalone sink mode or spy mode.

In spy mode, it connects in-line and passively captures all CC1 and CC2 communication signals between two Type-C products. It does not disturb any USB 3.1 Gen 2 or USB 2.0 signals, and allows monitoring of PD power negotiation, USB data roles, and Type-C Alternate Modes such as DisplayPort. The standalone sink mode, instead allows certain protocol actions to be executed.

  • Key Product Benefits

    STM32G071RB low voltage MCU

    Mainstream low-voltage Arm Cortex-M0+ MCU embedding up to 2 USB Type-C and Power Delivery interfaces (UCPD). It provides a fully integrated USB Type-C Power Delivery controller.

    STM32CubeMonUCPD- Free analyzer SW

    Free software analyzer for USB Type-C and Power Delivery applications with convenient user interface to monitor key USB PD protocol messages and view real-time USB Type-C port status and capability information (e.g., sink, source, or dual-role port), and USB PD packet messages during contract negotiation.

  • All Features

    • Detect the USB-C™ power and feature capabilities of any host
    • Analyze and sniff USB-C Power Delivery data packets and display VBUS voltage and IBUS current values
    • Debug, configure and inject USB PD3.0packets using STM32CubeMonUCPD
    • Simplify the development and debug of USB-C applications using key USB PD protocol messages accessible through a convenient user interface.
    • 3 bidirectional current and power monitors with I2C interface to measure VBUS, CC1 and CC2 protected and isolated lines