Design Win

NFC SensorTAG (NFC Dynamic Tag sensor node)

Solution Description


This NFC Sensor Tag solution is an ultra-low power sensor node that collects temperature, humidity, pressure and motion sensor data and logs the information with corresponding timestamps in its EEPROM, it can be transmitted to a secure NFC reader within range.

The solution is built around the ISO/IEC 15693 compliant ST25DV-I2C Type 5 NFC Tag, stores environmental and motion sensor data delivered via the STM32L0 ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller in secure EEPROM, and transmits the data to the reader. All the data is collected by three smart ST sensors chosen for their performance characteristics in terms of accuracy, power consumption and compactness.

The node can operate for years without battery replacement thanks to several smart power conservation strategies, including energy harvesting of RF signals from nearby NFC readers to complement the power supplied by the very small CR2032 battery, which is regulated by the STLQ015 LDO.

The solution is ideal for supply chain and cold chain monitoring applications involving perishable and valuable goods, asset tracking, healthcare, smart apparel, smart packaging and smart agriculture, among others.

  • Key Product Benefits

    ST25DV64K -I2C  64Kbit EEPROM

    This 64kbit EEPROM is able to harvest external energy and extend the autonomy of the node before battery replacement is required. It is an ISO/IEC 15693 compliant Type 5 NFC Tag.

    STM32L0 - Ultra-low power MCUs

    This 32 MHz microcontroller with Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core is perfectly suited for battery powered and energy harvesting applications. It implements a range of ultra-low-power STM32 strategies to reduce processing time and power consumption.

    HTS221 - High Accuracy Environmental sensor

    This high accuracy sensor gathers humidity and temperature data for asset tracking applications and allows critical threshold values to be monitored, which is especially important in applications such as cold chain shipments.


    LIS2DW12 - Ultra-Low power 3-axis accelerometer

    This ultra-low-power, high-performance, three-axis linear accelerometer records when tracked assets are subject to sharp acceleration events such as falling, sliding, and impacts or collisions.

    LPS22HB - Ultra -compact pressure sensor

    This ultra-compact piezo-resistive absolute pressure sensor functions as a digital output barometer in the 260-1260 hPa range and is able to detect events such as plane take off and landing.

    STLQ015 - Low drop linear regulator

    This low drop linear regulator delivers a highly stable voltage to the node devices and allows the energy source selection from battery or from NFC harvesting.

  • All Features

    • ISO/IEC 15693, NFC Forum Type 5 compliant Tag
    • Extended battery life through a range of ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting features allow the EEPROM to store sensor data for several years.
    • High sensor accuracy
      • MEMS environmental and motion sensors provide highly accurate data for asset tracking scenarios such as cold chain applications
      • Humidity accuracy: ±3.5%RH and temperature accuracy with 0.5%
    • Flexibility to change duty cycle and sensor parameters stored in the memory, and threshold settings to wake-up the system using an appropriate app on an NFC enabled mobile device.