Rad-Hard Current Limiter

Integrated solution for Latch-up current limiter and solid-state switch

ST's RHRPMICL1A is a unique QML-V qualified integrated solution for the design of rad-hard latch-up current limiters (LCL) and smart solid-state switches, in particular for the control of redundant loads. Its high configurability and external MOSFET allow the design of versatile solutions, with an easy reuse and qualification. Its three 3 user-configurable modes make it suitable for the protection of essential and non-essential loads.

Rad-hard by design on BCD6s-SOI technology

Specifically designed for radiation hardness with a mix of radiation by design and a basic rad-hard library in 0.32µm BCD6s SOI technology, the RHRPMICL1A is suitable for most mission profiles:

  • RHA qualified at 100 krad(Si) and immune to ELDRS
  • SEL (Single Event Latch-up) and SEB (Single Event Burnout) free up to 125 MeV.cm2/mg
  • fully SET (Single Event Transient) characterized

The BCD6s SOI technology also allows it to offer a wide supply range from 8 to 52 V. Moreover, its floating ground makes it possible to directly connect to a 100 V power bus. It is housed in a hermetic ceramic Flat-20 package assembled in ST's QML-V certified facility, and available in 3 quality levels: QML-V, Engineering Model and Evaluation Model.