Rad-Hard Current Limiter

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Unique intelligent protection devices tailored for the specificity of satellite loads, radiation-hardened current limiters can be used as a universal solution to protect power supplies from anomalous external current demands, protect or replace conventional fuses, as well as control redundant loads.

Ideal for solid-state protection in space, ST's rad-hard integrated current limiters feature three user-configurable operating modes: Latched mode for non-essential loads and Re-Triggerable and Folding-back modes for essential ones.

In addition to all key parameters including the current limit, trip-off and recovery times, and undervoltage protection being user configurable, status and control pins allow remote control of the device and consequently the load[TB1] .

Housed in a hermetic Flat-20 package assembled in ST's QML-V certified facility, our rad-hard current limiters are specifically designed to work in harsh environments.