Rad-Hard Fast Logic


RHA guaranteed QML-V logic working above 150 MHz

ST's new QML-V qualified Fast Logic series is able to reach a toggling frequency above 150 MHz. Designed in ST’s 130nm pure CMOS technology following dedicated rules of design and layout, this new series features outstanding immunity to heavy ions up to 125 MeV.cm²/mg for both Single Event Latch-up (SEL) and Single-Event-Transients (SET), as well as a very good stability in Total-Ionizing-Dose (TID) characterized up to 300 krad(Si).

Taking advantage of the technology’s intrinsic low power, radiation hardness and excellent speed/consumption ratio, this series is very well suited to the trend of low logic level interfacing to the current high-end ASICs and FPGA, with a guaranteed compatibility with 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V JEDEC I/O levels.

Die form and hermetic ceramic packages with grounded metallic lid

Available in dice form and in hermetic ceramic packages already used for the AC Logic series with no floating metallic part (upper metallic lid internally grounded), this high-end series is an excellent choice for companion chips in high-speed interfacing and clocking applications in digital systems where space and weight savings are key.