Rad-hard interfaces

ESCC and QML-V rad-hard interfaces

Performance and flexibility are key words for ST's Interface ICs. Our latest generation of interface chipsets offer excellent immunity to radiation and high data rates while drawing very low consumption. Available with single-ended inputs/outputs (I/O) and also on differential tracks/cables with impedance matching, our space-qualified interface ICs accompany the decreasing voltage levels and the evolution toward serialization.

ST's ESCC or QML-V qualified interface ICs cover a wide range of space application needs. Our portfolio includes 8- and 16-bit bus buffers, 16-bit level shifters and a large diversity of LVDS interfaces with an extended common mode and maximum ratings, cold spare and failsafe features.

Rad-hard LVDS

Our low-voltage, differential signaling (LVDS) drivers offers solutions to a variety of high-speed digital bus interfaces with drivers, receivers, repeaters and multiplexers. Designed for radiation hardness using ST's advanced analog proprietary 130 nm CMOS technology, these products feature very good stability up to 300 krad(Si) in total-ionizing-dose (TID) and a very good immunity to heavy ions up to 120 MeV.cm2/mg linear energy transfer (LET).

8 and 16-bit logic bus buffers

The bus interfaces are standard 8-bit logic buffers in 5V HC / HCT logic, 2 to 6V AC logic and 4.5 to 5.5 V ACT Logic, while the 16-bit buffers are 1.8 to 3.6V AC / ACT and VCX fast logic. All AC/ACT devices are available with grounded lid versions.

Cold space rad-hard level shifters

Level shifters include two dual-supply, 16-bit devices with fail safe and cold spare features for interfacing 1.8 and 3.3 V buses on one hand and 2.5 to 5 Volt buses on the other.

Available in ceramic hermetic packages, all devices come with an ecosystem that includes complete datasheets, application notes, SMD or ESCC specifications, and radiation test reports (upon request) as well as PSpice and IBIS models. Evaluation boards are also available for certain products.