Rad-Hard LVDS

ST's rad-hard LVDS series includes 400 Mbit/s LVDS drivers, receivers, serializers/deserializers and cross-point switches. They feature a very large input common-mode range from –4 to +5 V, able to withstand ESD up to 8 kV. They all support cold-sparing and ensure fail-safe operation.

Designed using ST radiation-hardening design rules and manufactured using ST's proven CMOS technology, they can withstand up to 300 krad (Si) total ionization dose (TID). Immune to single-event latch-up (SEL) up to 135 MeV.cm2/mg, our rad-hard LVDS series ensures best-in-class single-event transient behavior, thus meeting the requirements of satellite applications.

Our LVDS series is available in hermetic ceramic packages and meets the most stringent radiation immunity standards and qualification criteria to be included in QML-V and EPPL lists.