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A very compact solution for switching loads on AC power lines

Not limited by electromechanical ageing contingencies, triacs have a very long lifespan within circuits fully respecting specification boundaries.

With a voltage range from 600 to 800 V and up to 1200 V for certain industrial devices, ST's portfolio covers medium-power AC loads with 1 to 50 A triacs.

With a range of driveable AC loads from 120 to 500 V, the list of circuits benefiting from ST triacs includes dimmers, all types of AC mains on-off switches, home or office copy/printer appliances, as well as industrial motor starters or SSRs, gardening tools, automated irrigation systems and a wide variety of automation controllers for factories, buildings and homes:

  • The high-voltage triacs are dedicated to industrial and three-phase mains switching applications.
  • Designed to ensure high switching performance in circuits that need space optimization, our 8T triacs are ideal for applications with high EMI constraints while our 6H triacs and 8H triacs target applications with high thermal constraints
  • Our standard and snubberless™ triacs retain the exhaustive gate drive possibilities and packages covering all power mains on/off and phase angle switching needs.
  • Featuring overvoltage protection functions, our ACS™ AC switches include highly inductive load switching capabilities for home and irrigation appliances including solenoid actuators and pumps, while our ACST triacs are designed for higher loads in appliances or equipment plugged in 24/7.

Triacs belong to our STPOWER family.

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