800V 8H Triacs

800 V, 150°C 8H high-temperature Triacs

Designed for thermal-intensive heavy-duty applications, ST's 8H Triacs are high-voltage (800 V) switches with full power line capability. Their immunity to adverse mains power EMC environment is ideal for driving tough loads in increasingly compact modules thanks to their underated ratings at up to 150°C. 

8H Triacs

Specified with a maximum junction temperature of 150°C, 8H and 6H Triacs are particularly suited to hot environments and to PCB designs requiring high power density. Featuring a maximum current of 50 A with standard or logic-level gate sensitivity, ST offers two different series: 600 V 6H Triacs and 800 V 8H Triacs. Both are available in D²PAK, I²PAK or TO-220(I) packages.

More to the point, from 230 V single-phase to 400 V three-phase supplies, ST's 8H Triacs are designed for use as an AC power switch for water heaters, industrial automation, HVAC, roller shutters and building lighting control units. With snubberless™ voltage transient immunity, these triacs are well adapted to switch reliably under EMI disturbance and adverse power grid environments typical of these AC network connected applications.

Thanks to its low and stable leakage currents and transient current switching capability twice the nominal current, the 8 to 30 A range of the 8H Triacs ensures excellent switching capabilities. Available in a ceramic-insulated TO-220AB package, D2PAK or classical TO-220AB packages, 8H Triacs also let designers reduce the size of heatsinks in their solutions thanks to the maximum 150°C junction temperature (TJ). A silicon semiconductor and solid-state solution, this series offers advantages over traditional relays including its sparkless and non-aging switch characteristics.