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H-Series Triacs are 3-quadrant, AC switches with simple and low-current gate drive. They have the sparkless and non-ageing features of semiconductors ideally suited to various mains voltage appliances. The simple phase angle firing of the gate allows simple dimming for lighting and variable speeds for universal motors.

Specified with a maximum junction temperature of 150°C, they are particularly suited to hot environments and to PCB designs requiring high power density. The devices feature up to 800 V blocking voltage and a maximum current of 30 A with standard or logic-level gate sensitivity.
They are available in D²PAK, I²PAK or TO-220(I) packages.

The new 800V H-series Triacs have been optimized for Industrial, Building, Residential appliances. Based on ST’s new technology, the H-series Triacs are able to work at 800 V & 150°C without compromise. This is the right choice to run in very hot confined environment and improve the reliability of your system. They help the designer to reduce the heatsink size by 50% in their application, and particularly the newly introduced T1635H-8, T2035H-8 and T3035H-8.


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