RF PLL Synthesizers

Combining high performance, high integration, wideband and multi-band capabilities, ST's RF frequency synthesizers represent a robust and effective alternative to discrete, expensive and bulky PLL and VCO solutions. Reducing RF BOM and footprint by up to 60% while increasing reliability, these synthesizers are a perfect fit for high-performance applications such as GSM/3G/LTE base stations, microwave links, cable modems, satellite, broadcasting, instrumentation, security, defense and test equipment.

A single STW81200 wide-band RF synthesizer is able to cover frequencies from 46.875 MHz to 6 GHz. With low noise VCOs and an integer and fractional-N PLL architecture for supporting multi-standard SDR applications, the STW81200 also integrates low-noise LDOs, internally-matched broadband RF outputs and supports an external crystal oscillator to further reduce the number of external components. The STW81200’s flexible power supply options ensure the best tradeoff between performance and consumption.

ST’s STW8110x multi-band RF synthesizer is a cost-effective family of integrated multi-band RF integer-N frequency synthesizers. Widely adopted for professional applications such as wireless base stations and other wireless infrastructure equipment, the STW8110x family has proven its robustness over the years.

Each component of the STW8110x family includes an integer-N frequency synthesizer and two fully integrated VCOs which feature low phase noise and a noise floor of -154 dBc/Hz. The combination of wide frequency range VCOs and multiple output options (direct output, divided by two, or divided by four) allows these synthesizers to show multi-band features and frequency coverage up to 5 GHz.

These products part of the RF solutions, are designed and manufactured with ST’s proprietary BiCMOS (SiGe) technology.