Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Technology

Life cycle thinking.
For ST, Sustainable Technology means improving our social and environmental footprint at every stage of the product life, from raw material extraction to end of life.


Raw materials
Our responsibility begins with the raw materials we use, which are all sourced in line with the latest environmental and social guidelines.

Product development
By adopting an eco-design approach, we carefully consider the impact of our future products on our planet’s resources.

We reduce the impact of our manufacturing activities on resources and local communities, while building a resilient supply chain.

We aim to create innovative devices that have a positive impact on our planet, business and people’s lives.

End of life
We strive to minimize the waste produced when disposing of our devices and facilitate recycling for our customers and end users.

Discover our Sustainable Technology brochure

Sustainable technology brochure

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Sustainable Technology video


We identify and promote innovative products that provide society with environmental and social benefits, such as reducing the energy consumption of end-applications, saving resources, protecting the environment, and providing solutions that improve people’s quality of life.

What makes a product responsible?
The responsible characteristics of a product are linked to the environmental or social domain.

We define 4 categories of responsible characteristics:

Power-efficient device - consuming less electricity
Low-carbon device - reducing the manufacturing footprint
Planet-friendly application - enabling green solutions
Human-welfare application - innovating for people’s wellbeing

Our Sustainable Technology label
We evaluate our products and then award the Sustainable Technology label to the flagship responsible products that demonstrate sustainable benefits for people and the environment.