We create Sustainable technology in a sustainable way

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Eco-design. 100% of new products go through our eco-design process.

Responsible. 82% of new products identified as responsible.

Sustainable. 13 years of product stewardship.

We create sustainable technology in a sustainable way, to make a positive contribution to the world.

Our products and technologies make a difference to the world

Sustainable products

We are creators and makers of products that enable responsible applications, for safer, greener and smarter living.

Sustainability has been a guiding principle for us since the early 1990s.

Today, it is integrated into every part of our business. This helps us to maximize opportunities in areas that bring innovative solutions to environmental and social challenges.

Sustainable technology

Our Sustainable Technology program was launched in 2011. It implements a global approach to ensure that sustainability is considered when we develop new products and technologies and to create value for our company, our customers and society in general.

A comprehensive lifecycle approach

Our Sustainable Technology program is based on a robust lifecycle approach. It means we take care of improving our social and environmental footprint at every stage of the product’s life.


Considering every stage of the product lifecycle

01. Raw materials

Our responsibility begins with the raw materials we use, which are all sourced in compliance with the latest environmental and social guidelines, such as responsible mineral sourcing.


02. Product development

By adopting an eco-design approach, we carefully consider the impact of our future technologies and products on our planet’s resources.


03. Manufacturing

We reduce the impact of our manufacturing activities on resources and local communities, while building a resilient supply chain and addressing our operations’ footprint.

Perfluorinated Compounds emissions
-84% Since 1994, per unit of production
Since 1994, per unit of production
Water consumption
-76% Since 1994, per unit of production
Since 1994, per unit of production
Electricity consumption
-56% Since 1994, per unit of production
Since 1994, per unit of production

04. Usage

We aim to create innovative devices that have a positive impact on our planet, our business and people’s lives.

The benefits our products deliver during use (also referred to as the ‘handprint’ of our products) don't just come from improved power-efficiency, but also from our focus on specific market segments that are helping to solve environmental and social challenges.


05. End of life

We strive to minimize the waste produced when disposing of our devices and facilitate recycling for our customers and end users through our EcoPack program and Hazardous Substances Process Management (HSPM).


Environmentally & socially responsible products & applications

We identify and promote innovative products that provide society with environmental and social benefits. In our Sustainable Technology program, we classify our products into four categories of responsible products:


Low-carbon products

Thanks to optimized conception, these products reduce the footprint of our production equipment, utilities, and supply chain.


Power-efficient products

State-of-the-art in reducing electricity consumption or power losses, these products reduce the footprint of the end-devices they are embedded in.


Planet-friendly applications

Products that are key contributors to green applications, such as automotive powertrain electrification, solar panels, LED lighting.


Human-welfare applications

Products that are powerful enablers for medical, health, safety, and security applications.

Sustainable Technology label initiative

Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs set by the United Nations define global sustainable development priorities and aspirations for 2030.
As a multinational company, we believe we have a responsibility and
a role to play in helping achieve these goals.