Product Development

Product development

More innovation, less environmental impact.

Our eco-design process helps product development teams innovate to respect our planet’s resources. They run a benchmark approach on key indicators for silicon products to assess the environmental performance of new ST designs. 


LCA methodology
The starting point of our eco-design activity is Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA). ST has developed its own LCA methodology in accordance with ISO standards (ISO 14040, 2006; ISO 14044, 2006), and has conducted several detailed studies (called "full LCA") to identify the main factors contributing to environmental impact.
ST’s LCA methodology takes into account the following key stages of the product life: Extraction and treatment of raw materials; Product manufacturing; Transport and distribution; Product use; and End of life.
As an example of our full LCA result, discover the environmental footprint of a MEMS!
Full LCA results helped us build an eco-design assessment currently used during the development phase of any new product of the company.

The eco-design assessment is at the heart of product development

Our eco-design program ensures that when designing products, we systematically take into consideration the environmental impact of the device during its whole life cycle. This covers raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, usage, and disposal. The program systematically tracks key indicators to encourage our product development teams to implement green designs wherever possible. This minimizes our products’ impact on the environment.

We define two main categories of eco-design achievements for semiconductor products:

Power-efficient product - consuming less electricity
We create semiconductor solutions to help manufacturers build a new, more efficient, generation of electronic systems with lower electrical power consumption (industry, services, city, home, transports).
ST devices classified as power-efficient responsible products are characterized:
- by their low power consumption, minimal power loss, or
- by other key features that reduce the electrical consumption of the electronic application in which they are directly integrated.
Low-carbon product - reducing the manufacturing footprint
We create semiconductor solutions with a reduced carbon footprint by making strategic choices: when sourcing materials, during the manufacturing process, and when transporting products.
These choices also facilitate recycling and end-of-life management.
ST devices classified as low-carbon responsible products are characterized:
- by the removal of hazardous substances from the product and by-products, or
- by design innovations and technology choices that extend the product lifetime or reduce the environmental impact of raw material sourcing, product manufacturing and product end of life.

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