The Onlife era of MEMS: integrating AI in sensors for decision-making in the Edge

In the Onlife era, intelligent processing is integrated into sensors in the Edge. This means connected objects can sense, process, and take actions in a seamless way, without impacting our user experience and bridging the online and offline world.

Artificial Intelligence is distributed in the nodes, enabling more power-efficient connected devices, enhanced data privacy, and faster decision making thanks to fewer data transfers.


The technology behind the Onlife Era

In 2022, ST brings you a new generation of MEMS sensors, featuring an embedded intelligent sensor processing unit (ISPU). Optimized to analyze motion data with signal processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques, the ISPU processes data in the Edge, without waking up the system and before transferring data to the MCU and gateway/cloud.

NanoEdge* AI Studio software solution will soon support the ISPU and bring on-device learning capabilities.

Download the presentation to find out more about the 20-year journey that has taken MEMS from the offline to the onlife era. This presentation outlines:

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  • A brief introduction to the ISPU
  • The 3 design criteria for working in the Edge
  • The technical challenges
  • NanoEdge AI Studio for on-device learning solutions




MEMS sensor with AI core (ISPU - intelligent sensor processing unit)

ST brings you a new generation of MEMS sensors, featuring an embedded intelligent sensor processing unit (ISPU). The ISPU is an ultra-low-power, highly computationally efficient, high-performance programmable core that can execute signal processing and AI algorithms in the edge. ISPU can be programmed in C-code and it is provided with an ecosystem with libraries and 3rd party tools/IDE which enable as well a seamless and automated implementation of complex AI models ISPU is a state-of-the-art feature for any personal electronics, from wearable accessories to high-end applications and industrial market as anomaly detection, automation, asset tracking and alarms.


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Embedded award: Integrate intelligence in the edge with ST sensors

ST has been nominated in the hardware category for LSM6DSO16IS and ISM330IS sensors integrating an innovative Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit (ISPU). Easily configurable with NanoEdge AI Studio software, the ISPU can enable real-time processing and run AI algorithms in the sensor.




tinyML Summit 2022

Brains into sensors with AI in the Edge
Andrea ONETTI, Executive Vice President, STMicroelectronics

AI solutions can be made significantly more efficient when data pre-processing and initial analysis is performed as close as possible to the sensing and actuating elements, rather than in the cloud. Applying this approach vastly reduces the amount of data transferred and offers enhanced data security and privacy. It decreases the processing and data storage resources required in cloud servers while allowing processing to take place in power-optimized components like ultra-low-power microcontrollers and sensors. It also minimizes latency allowing real-time responses in critical situations.


Today MEMS sensors with embedded AI can operate at microwatt levels of power consumption, ultra-low latency, and minimized silicon area thanks to on-die integration of sensor and logic processing. These devices are paving the way for the Onlife Era, where embedded sensors are enabling innovative products to sense, process, and take action. To demonstrate this is already a reality today, ST will present the world’s tiniest sensor solution that is bringing intelligence in the edge.


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